Couples    shoots

We get asked about couples shoots all the time. We suggest them to anyone and everyone really! for us, its so helpful because it gives nervous grooms or camera shy brides the opportunity to get some practice in before a wedding and be comfortable with us, after all your wedding photographer should also feel like your friend. Its not natural to be amazing in front of a camera. so on a nice day at a place that means something to you. its really good to learn how to relax and pose naturally. it really pays off later when you see the photos!

These days theres more to it though. a lot of our couples shoots aren't wedding clients. they're just people in love who want to spend an amazing day together and do something different. after all, whats wrong with celebrating the way things are right now? theres a lot to be said for planning for the future. but were all about the moment here at Merfox!

Wether its a Valentines gift, an anniversary surprise or just a chance to seize the day. get in touch about a couples shoot. we love doing them and as the weather turns colder, theres going to be some absolutely beautiful days to steal together!


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